Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Welcome to your first day of 7th Grade Social Studies!

Today we will set goals for the year and express our concerns that we have regarding Social Studies. We will write complete sentences and paragraphs about what we can do to keep an A in this class. For today’s group activity, you will test your knowledge on how much you know about locations on a map. You will combine your brains and draw a map from your memory.

Welcome to your first day of 7th Grade ELA!

To get to know each other better, we are going to enjoy some team-building activities that will help us get to know each other better. We will define a great classmate using a graphic organizer, work in groups, and play a game of “I Can Relate.” For our Define A Classmate Activity, you will use a graphic organizer to determine the qualities that a great classmate should have.  You will.. Read More

You in a Bag

Advisory: Your homework for the week will be to bring several items in a bag and present them to the class. Each item will represent something about you that you would like others to know. Please bring to class 3-5 items in a paper bag and be ready to share and explain them to our class. We will begin presentations on Wednesday and you will have until Friday to bring in.. Read More