Since we just came back from Summer Vacation, we would all love to hear about how much fun it all was. I’m sure we spent a lot of time sleeping and watching fun but I want to hear about all the fun activities you did during the summer.

We are going to createa collection of Summer “Short” Stories so that our class can get an insight on what you did over your summer vacation.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Summer “Shorts” Story

(Complete all your work in your Advisory Notebook)

  1. Use a bubble map to describe what activities you did during summer vacation.

  2. Choose your favorite summer activity.

  3. Make a list of special words related to the activity that perfectly sum up the activity.

  4. Write a first draft one-paragraph “short” story about the activity (the highlight of the activity)

  5. Read and revise your writing.

  6. Participate in Peer Editing to make moreimprovements on your writing

  7. Rewrite your final draft on the index card.

  8. Decorate the shorts template with a summer related theme.

  9. Share your “short” stories with the