Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

POV: Picture Book Assignment

Step 1: Choose a picture book that you would like to write about. Step 2: Look at the pictures in the book and decide which perspective you would like to write from. Step 3: Choose a point of view (first, second, third person: limited, omniscient, objective) Step 4: Create a CREATIVE and DETAILED story that goes along with the pictures in the book Step 5: Check the GRADING SCALE to.. Read More

POV: Picture Writing Model

Perspectives: Stressed out girl The  boy in green shirt Other classmate Teacher First Person: I was sitting in class taking my test and I realized that I didn’t study very much. I looked around at my classmates, and realized they were almost done. Second Person: You’re sitting in class taking a test and realize that you really didn’t study. You then look at your classmates, and realize that they’re almost.. Read More