1. Stressed out girl
  2. The  boy in green shirt
  3. Other classmate
  4. Teacher

First Person:

I was sitting in class taking my test and I realized that I didn’t study very much. I looked around at my classmates, and realized they were almost done.

Second Person:

You’re sitting in class taking a test and realize that you really didn’t study. You then look at your classmates, and realize that they’re almost done.

Third Person Limited:

Rosita went into class and had a pop quiz which made her think she was going to fail. As she looked around, she heard everyone get the right answer.

Third Person Omniscient:

She went to class and had a test that was too difficult for her to do. Her other classmates thought it was pretty easy because they had already studied.

Third Person Objective:

The students are taking a test and the teacher says that there is only five more minutes left for the test.