Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Compare/Contrast Different Types of Writing

Do you think you can explain the differences and similarities between a narrative, persuasive, or informative/explanatory writing piece? You sure? Well today in class we will put our knowledge to the test. We will be able to identify types of writing by correctly reading and analyzing writing pieces.  

Reading Log Reflections

Today in class, we will review our Reading Log Reflections. These are not like other reading logs you may be used to so make sure you read all the directions and answer ALL the questions you need to. If you have any questions, make sure to bring them to class so that this homework assignment gets easier and easier every week it is due. ReadingLogReflectionHomework-8

Testing Our Knowledge: Types of Writing

For homework, you will need to complete your Types of Writing Worksheet. Read each example and determine whether it is persuasive, narrative, or informative/explanatory. Then, create your own examples of each type of writing.   TypesofWritingWorksheet-2  

Our Class Syllabus

CourseSyllabusMs.Contreras-2 Today we will complete a jigsaw activity in groups. Instead of having to read our entire syllabus, we will break it up into to chunks and teach it to each other.

Welcome to your first day of 7th Grade ELA!

To get to know each other better, we are going to enjoy some team-building activities that will help us get to know each other better. We will define a great classmate using a graphic organizer, work in groups, and play a game of “I Can Relate.” For our Define A Classmate Activity, you will use a graphic organizer to determine the qualities that a great classmate should have. ¬†You will.. Read More