Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Spectrum of Discrimination

Today in class we discussed stereotypes and the prejudices we hold. SpectrumofDiscrimination-4 Bias When you favor something based on personal experiences or what you have been taught. Stereotype When you make a judgment about someone or something based on the following: gender, background, clothing, height, weight, race/ethnicity,money, education, and so forth. Prejudice Judging someone before you actually know them or have any experience with them. Discrimination Treating someone differently because.. Read More

Maniac Magee Vocabulary

Maniac Magee Vocabulary ordinary: adj-with no special features; normal. smatter: noun-a small amount of something. bellow: verb- to let out a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger. bulging: verb-to swell or bend outward accurate: adj-correct in all details; exact. WORD SQUARES DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 12

Weekend Homework

1. Finish Seedfolks Narrative. Submit on Google Classroom. 2. Finish taking notes on Capitalization Slides 3. Finish¬†CapsHW2.doc: Due Tuesday, September 29. 4. Finish¬†CapitalizationHomework1-8: Due Monday, September 28 5. 2 Achieve 3000 articles:¬†Due Monday, September 28