Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

POV: Maniac Magee

Step 1: Choose any Chapter from Maniac Magee to rewrite. Step 2: Choose the perspective you would like to write from. (which character) Step 3: Choose a POV that you want to write in. Step 4: Rewrite a chapter from Maniac Magee using the correct point of view.

POV: Picture Book Assignment

Step 1: Choose a picture book that you would like to write about. Step 2: Look at the pictures in the book and decide which perspective you would like to write from. Step 3: Choose a point of view (first, second, third person: limited, omniscient, objective) Step 4: Create a CREATIVE and DETAILED story that goes along with the pictures in the book Step 5: Check the GRADING SCALE to.. Read More

Word Squares

Chapter 5 Social Studies Vocab Worksheet surplus and environment Social Studies Vocab Worksheet domesticate and agriculture

Poetry/Quote Gift Exchange

POETRY/QUOTE GIFTS As a way to share the gift of poetry and quotes, we will bring in gifts of our favorites. Here are requirements: Find a poem or quote that you really like OR write your own Make sure the poem is appropriate for school Write down or type that poem on paper Along with your poem, write a few sentences on why you picked that poem Wrap up your.. Read More

SS Vocabulary

SS Vocab Worksheet hunter-gatherer band SS Vocab Worksheet glacier and technology Glacier Technology Hunter-gatherer Band