Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Social Studies: 8-14-14

Can you draw a map of the world without the help of the internet or an actual map? Do you feel like you can draw an accurate map from memory? Well today we are going to test our knowledge of how much we actually remember.

Our Class Syllabus

CourseSyllabusMs.Contreras-2 Today we will complete a jigsaw activity in groups. Instead of having to read our entire syllabus, we will break it up into to chunks and teach it to each other.

Welcome to your first day of 7th Grade Social Studies!

Today we will set goals for the year and express our concerns that we have regarding Social Studies. We will write complete sentences and paragraphs about what we can do to keep an A in this class. For today’s group activity, you will test your knowledge on how much you know about locations on a map. You will combine your brains and draw a map from your memory.