Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Building on the Past

History is an ongoing process. Today in class, we discussed how human inventions are nearly all ongoing efforts involving many people’s contributions. History is an ongoing process that constantly changes. GOOGLE CLASSROOM Assignment

Nubian Princess-Bert Corona Knight

Today in class, we read about a Nubian Princess that was dressed to meet an Egyptian pharaoh. Some of the things she is pictured with relate to some of the things we wear today. Your homework for tonight is as follows. 1. Think about meeting the President. What special items would you wear/bring to meet the President? 2. Draw a self portrait containing the items you would wear/bring.

ACHIEVE 3000: How-To Video

Since we are still learning how to use Achieve 3000, the video below will give you a brief explanation of how to complete the articles. 1. Click on the link below. 2. Select TeenBiz 3000 Achieve 3000 Training Video *The video is also in Spanish. You should be completing the following sections: 1. Before Reading Poll 2. Article (complete at least 5 reading connections)  3. Activity 4. After Reading Poll.. Read More

5 Pillars of Islam

Today we will learn about the 5 Pillars of Islam. You will be creating your own pillars relating to Muhammad’s teachings. 5PillarsAssignment-4 For HOMEWORK due 5/1/15, you must bring your rough draft of your 5 Pillars to class.  Below is an example of my own “5 Pillars of Ms. Contreras.”