Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Story of Muhammad Newspaper Article

Now that you have learned about the story of Muhammad and Gabriel, your assignment for today is to create a newspaper article telling the world about this story. Below is the grading scale I will use to grade your newspaper article. MuhammadNewspaperArticleGradingScale Here are the templates that you will use to create your newspaper article. Below are examples of what your template will look like.

Arabia and Islamic Empire

  To learn more about the Islamic Empires, you will listen to this song and take notes by filling in the lyrics. Click on link to listen to the song. The fill in notes are located below that. islamic-empires-fill-ins        

CASA Project

End-of-the-year CASA project! We will get into groups based on our interest in certain projects and we will prepare presentations for each unit. The document below has an overview of what we have done throughout the school year. Use the questions on the document below to guide your research and presentations. CASAOverviewNotesforFinalproject-3 TO DO LIST: 1. Answer questions 2. Create Tri-Fold 3. Create presentation for project pictures (iPad group member).. Read More

Homework: Week of 4/7-4/10

1. 4 Achieve 3000 Articles Due Sunday 4/12/15 @ 9:00pm 2. CASA Article Due Friday 4/10/15 a. Read article b. Annotate article c. Answer essential question in one complete, detailed paragraph *Essential Question: What is CASA and what is it’s purpose? (you must use evidence from the text to support your answer)

Medieval Europe Legal Systems

STEPS to complete in class today: 1. Use a thinking map (bubble map) to organize the information of your legal system. *work with your group to create ONE bubble map *at least 10 bubbles to describe your legal system 2. Begin advertisement poster of your legal system. AdvertisementAssignment-2

Legal Developments of Medieval Europe Advertisement

Today in class, we will read informational texts about the legal developments during Medieval Europe. Below is the assignment guide and rubric you will use in class today. AdvertisementAssignment-2 The readings for each development are listed below. CommonLaw ModelParliamentof1295 IndependentJudiciary MedievalParliament MagnaCarta HabeasCorpus


Now I know that every single one of you can be mature, respectful students so I hope that you are on your best behavior. Remember to always treat substitute teachers with respect. I really do not want to receive a bad note with names on it. I already talked to some specific students about helping the substitute, so make sure you guys are on your best behavior. We will complete.. Read More

Do Now: Journal Day Two

DIRECTIONS: Imagine that you are this crusader returning home from war.  Respond to this writing prompt in your notebooks.  You have traveled for thousands of miles and fought in countless battles. Now that your are a few miles from your home, how do you feel about the journey you have taken? If you had to choose to go to war again, would you?

Crusades Timeline Homework

Your homework for tonight is to create a timeline for the first four Crusades. In your timeline, you should include: -Timeline -Picture -Paraphrased caption of crusade