Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

DO NOW: Journal Day One

DIRECTIONS: Choose one character from the image and imagine that you are that character. You have traveled for thousands of miles and are now engaged in a brutal battle. Why are you willing to fight and potentially lose your life? What could possibly motivate you to take on this challenge?

African American Festival at the Aquarium of the Pacific Field Trip

  Today we will be reflecting on our visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific’s African American Festival. There were significant artifacts, paintings, items, dances, stories, and many more exciting things. Here are a couple photos from our trip. If you did not attend, view the photos and reflect on them. Write: 3 things you learned/liked 2 things you wanted to see 1 thing you want to research further  


DataassessmenttrackerSS-3 DataassessmenttrackerELA Today we will be filling in our Data Trackers to track our progress throughout the year. Each assessment needs to have a percentage and bar shaded in.    

Spread of Christianity: Web Search

In your groups, you will be learning about the spread of Christianity in Medieval Times. Use and answer the questions below to find information.

Japanese Culture Project

Today in class, we will present our Japanese Culture Projects to our group members to help prepare us for our whole-class presentation. You will use the presentation evaluation to determine how well your teammates presented the information in their project. Here are the questions that need to be answered during your presentation. 1. What projects did you do? 2. Why did you choose to do these projects? 3. How long.. Read More

Prince Shotoku Homework

Using the information you collected from your web quest in class, you will create a picture of what Prince Shotoku was thinking. PrinceShotokuSilhouetteDirections

Samurai: Bushido Code

Today in class we will be completing a web quest to learn about the Bushido Code. BushidoAssignmentGuide Just like we’ve been using in class all week, we will find the answers using symbaloo.