Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Planning Our Presentation

Before beginning your proposition presentation, you need to plan for it. Below is the document that you can use for your planning stage. PropositionPresentationPlanningTemplate Here is a breakdown of the slides you need: Slides for your Presentation Slide # 1 Proposition or Attention Grabbing Statement Slide # 2 Proposition or Main Idea/Topic (Thesis Statement) Slide # 3 First Argument -what examples you used in your essay Slide # 4 Second.. Read More

Analyzing Presentations

Now that you have learned some tips for creating presentation slides, your group will analyze 2 different presentations and determine which would be effective. Look at the presentation below and answer the questions on the Analyzing Presentations  Response sheet below. AnalyzingPowerPointsEffectivevs.Ineffective

Creating Presentations

Today we will looking at how to create a great presentation that will accompany our Persuasive Proposition Speech. Below is the presentation that we reviewed in class.

What is a Democracy?

    Today we will read 6 famous quotes from 6 significant people. We will discuss them as groups and determine what a democracy is to them.

Social Studies Homework: 9/24/14

Homework Based on your working definitions of a community, list all of the communities to which you belong: What do you have in common with other members of these communities? What responsibilities or obligations does membership involve?

Peer Editing Cycles

Once you have completed your Rough Draft, it is time for you to get a second opinion…or three. Here are the steps you need to take to complete your peer edits. BEFORE YOU BEGIN EDITING, YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU:  HAVE YOUR OUTLINE HAVE YOUR 8 COMPONENTS OF WRITING SHEET HAVE A LAPTOP/DESKTOP 1. Once you have completed your Rough Draft, you must go to the white board and write.. Read More

Building Text

COMMUNITY                            DEMOCRACY                       CITIZEN Buildingtext-2