Ms. Myers' Class

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Propositions: Persuasive Essay

There are many critical issues present in our community. We will explore different ideas and opinions that express what we want to do to make a change. We will then present a proposal to our classmates and try to persuade them to make that change with you. OutlineforPersuasiveSpeech TransitionSignals

Persuasive Writing: Speeches

We are starting our new unit on Persuasive Writing.  For this unit, we will focus on writing and giving speeches. In the process of learning how to write a persuasive speech, we will learning about an educated democracy. By the end of our unit, we will participate in a mock election that will make our vote count!

Tomorrow, you need to submit quite a few assignments. Make sure to complete all your work during after school or at home. I will be here after school before 4:00 and after 5:00 so if you have any questions please come to my room to ask me for help. Reading Log Reflection Complete Columns 3 and 5 on your Reader’s Notes for Chapter 2. Create Vocabulary Flashcards for your Roman.. Read More

Hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend!

This week in ELA, we are going to continue studying Close Reading by reading A Long Walk to Water.  In Social Studies, we will study the geography of Italy and how it affected the Roman Empire. We do have our Baseline Testing this week so prepare to work hard!   *You have your Group Quiz on the Roman Empire Map on Wednesday, September 3.

The Roman Empire

Today we are starting our new unit on the Roman Empire. We will focus on different places on a map that were important to ancient Rome. Also, we will make inferences about what exactly happened to Rome’s territory over time. We will label a map of the different places that were important to Rome. In order to label the map,  you can use a number of sources such as: -Textbook.. Read More

Geography Test Today!

I hope everyone studied their maps and Achieve 3000 article! Today is your geography test and I’m looking forward to everyone receiving great scores!

REMINDER: Geography Map Test

Your Geography test is this Tuesday, Aug 25. Make sure to study your map that we labeled in class and reread your Achieve 3000 article “Where You Live Matters.” Your thought question will appear on your test.