Who We Are (Identity / Purpose)
We are educational leaders whose passions are to teach and empower kids.

Our Promise (Offering)
We provide authentic learning experiences to our citizen scholars, so they seize and create opportunities in their communities.

Our Mission (Goal)
We prepare citizen-scholars to be leaders and innovators who will serve their communities.

All YPI Charter Schools focus on on three initiatives:

1) Service learning 2) Enhanced Learning 3) Parent and Community Engagement

Welcome to Ms. Myers’ 6th grade English and Social Studies Class!

As your teacher, I promise to create authentic learning experiences that will empower us to seize the moment of every opportunity, establish a safe learning environment in which we can feel a sense of security, and support each other to grow throughout our journey in our class. We will ask questions, have discussions, and share ideas to learn and grow with each other. Together we will all become active citizens and life-long learners. We will take on this adventure of 6th grade as a class and we are leaving no one behind!